4 Tips For Moving Exercise Equipment

Your home exercise equipment is a financial investment that must be protected while moving. Due to the number of moving parts on your equipment, it can be easy to accidentally damage it. To help ensure your equipment is safely moved, here are some tips for packing and moving it. 

Review the Disassembly Instructions

Exercise equipment, such as your treadmill, will fare better on the move if taken apart first. Ideally, you kept the instruction manuals that accompanied your equipment when you purchased it. If not, many manufacturers make their manuals available online. 

The manual should contain directions for disassembling your exercise equipment. Before taking apart the equipment, take the time to review the instructions. The more familiar you are with them, the easier the task will be. 

Remove and Pack Up Weights

Before packing up the other parts of your equipment, remove and pack up the weights and weight plates. The weights can make it more difficult to carry the equipment. 

It is important that you work slowly to remove the weight plates. Quickly removing the plates could lead to the rod being damaged. Be sure to label each weight plate and weight that you remove so it will be easier to reassemble the equipment in your new location.

Sort and Label the Small Parts

As you disassemble the exercise equipment, keep track of the small parts of each piece. Place all of the equipment in a strong plastic bag that can be sealed after removing them. 

In addition to labeling each part, consider taping it to the base of the equipment so that you are aware of which parts belong to which piece of equipment. 

Box the Equipment in Original Packaging

The original packaging for your exercise equipment is specially designed to protect the pieces inside. If you have the packaging available, use it to move your exercise equipment now. 

If not, you need to look for boxes that closely match the ones that originally contained your equipment. You can use styrofoam, tape, and other padding to secure the parts of the equipment. Never put more than one piece of exercise equipment in a box at a time. Not only will it make the box heavier, but it will also increase the chances of the equipment getting damaged.

If you have hired a moving company to help transport your possessions to your new home, you can receive additional tips on preparing your exercise equipment to move. Movers can also help with packing and making sure your equipment arrives safely. Pop over to this site for more info.