Tips For Packing Perishable Food

If you are a business that specializes in selling homemade cookies or other perishable foods, you might want to expand your business online but not know how to pack your food so that it arrives at its final destination looking and tasting as great as it would have if it were purchased in your store. Expanding your business online can definitely increase your overall customer base, so this is a problem that is worth taking the time to solve. Here are some tips for packing perishable food for shipping.

1. Keep a Large Supply of Packing Boxes on Hand

You cannot reuse packing boxes because the cardboard or other material will weaken over time, providing less protection to its contents with each use. Rather than reuse boxes, keep a large supply of packing boxes on hand at all times. You can purchase cardboard packing boxes in bulk from companies that specialize in packaging supplies so that you don't have to spend as much money. Consider upping your prices online slightly in order to further offset the cost of keeping these packing boxes on hand.

2. Purchase FDA Certified Plastic Wrap

Make sure that you are using FDA certified plastic wrap for any goods that you need to pack with wrap. This will allow you to make sure that you don't have any harmful chemicals leeching into the food that you're sending that could make them taste worse or make them dangerous. Packaging supplies businesses will be able to direct you to the best possible plastic wrap for the food that you are sending. They want you to be satisfied with your purchase. They will also likely only sell FDA approved plastic wrap specifically for food.

3. Insulate Cold Items

If you are sending items that need to be kept cold, you will need to invest in faster shipping times, which could require you to raise your prices slightly. Invest in a supply of polystyrene foam that will help you insulate your packages. Buying loose foam will allow you to build an insulated shipping container that will adhere exactly to the specifications of the product that you are shipping. You can also contact custom polystyrene foam companies to create your own insulated box so that you don't have to build it yourself.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in selling packaging supplies like Mailender. They might have additional cheaper solutions for you.