3 Tips For Defending Your Business From Threats

Whenever you need to keep your building as safe as can be, you need to be able to address threats as they arise. Doing so will allow you to prevent the loss of life and will deter break-ins and other serious hazards. With this in mind, read the tips below so that you are able to stock up on the equipment that will best serve you. 

#1: Stock up on emergency safety gear

Depending on your area of business, it may make sense to have emergency safety gear stashed aside for serious threats and situations. For instance, stocking up on bullet proof vests will allow you to keep your personnel safe and make sure that they are able to evacuate or otherwise get to safety if there is an armed threat on the loose. You may also want to invest in a quality kevlar helmet so that people are protected with the best material around. Kevlar is beneficial because it is 20 times stronger than steel and will protect people from being killed or injured in the event of an emergency when worn properly. Keep this safety equipment stashed away and make sure that everyone adheres to a strictly laid out emergency and safety protocol. 

#2: Bring in armed security guards

To be sure that you are best able to protect yourself and your personnel, you need trained professionals watching over your building. By having armed security in place, you can rest easy knowing that the lives of your employees are looked after in the event of a threat. You can purchase the services of an armed security guard for between $12 per hour and $25 per hour, and can bring on an off duty, plain clothes police officer to serve as security for between $40 per hour and more than $60 per hour. 

#3: Install a sophisticated alarm system

You need to also be certain that you have infrastructure in place that can protect you. Buying an alarm system is one of the best investments that you can ever make in this regard. These systems cost about $800 or so to install and also come with monthly monitoring and subscription fees that might cost upwards of $60 or so per month. Make sure to spring for a sophisticated system that can keep everyone safe. 

Consider all of these tips and contact a company like ICO FUBAR in order to protect your business from serious safety threats.