How To Select The Right Fuel Delivery Services Company

If the home you just purchased is heated using propane gas, you'll need to find the right fuel delivery services company to work with. There are a few factors to consider before signing on the dotted line. It is important to take a little bit of time to gather all of the necessary information. 

What Are Their Prices?

Your main starting point should be to inquire about prices. Just like gas stations 3 miles apart from each other can have different prices, so can all of the propane dealers in your neighborhood. You'll want to find out if you can lock in a price for the year, and if not, how often does the price fluctuate? Ask if there are certain times out of the year when the propane runs a little cheaper. 

Do They Have a Budget Plan?

It can be a hardship for some to pay large heating bills during the winter months. Many fuel delivery services give customers the option to take part in a budget plan. This spreads the approximate yearly cost of the propane out over 12 months. You'll know exactly how much to pay each month, without having a few months cost so much that you can't afford to buy groceries. 

Do They Have Good Reviews?

You can tell a lot about a company by their reviews. It's worth taking the time to check out popular review sites to get an indication of the propane dealer's customer service reputation. If the reviews are mostly positive, then you know the organization cares about its clients and takes care to hire friendly delivery men and women. If the reviews are negative, however, it is better to move on to a different company. 

Do They Offer Same Day and Emergency Services?

A good fuel delivery service company will not only offer same day services if you place a call for propane first thing in the morning, but they will also provide emergency services around the clock. Busy parents may not remember to check their propane tank, which could lead to running out of gas in the middle of a cold winter night. Having a company that will send out an emergency delivery means not having to pack the family up and head over to a relative's house.

Do They Have a Variety of Delivery Options?

Since customers have different lifestyles and needs, it is a great idea to go with a company that recognizes this and has a variety of delivery options to match. You may wish to sign up for automatic delivery so that you don't risk running out of gas, or simply call when you notice your tank running low. Keep in mind that some companies want payment upon delivery, while others leave a bill to be paid with a certain number of days. 

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