Storing Die Cast Cars While The Value Increases

Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and other die cast cars are highly collectible. Over the years, some of these little vehicles can increase in value and become highly sought after. If you have a collection that you don't have the space for in your home, you can lease a small storage unit, pack up those goodies and store them while their value rises. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you store them safely and avoid any risk of corrosion and damage.

Take Inventory

You want to know exactly what you have going into the storage unit and where you have each item. Taking inventory and creating a log will help you stay organized and easily be able to find any single item when you want it.

Take Pictures – You can take pictures of each individual vehicle or small groups of them. Maybe, one picture of everything that you are packing in a single box, or each layer you are putting in a larger box.

Log the Items – Once you have the pictures, give each group of vehicles a number. That number should be posted on the picture, as well as the box that the vehicles are in.

Pack the Vehicles

When you pack the vehicles up, you must make sure that they won't rub against each other while being transported. Go to an office supply store and purchase a roll of foam packing material – it comes in sheets or rolls and will provide adequate protection for each vehicle without trapping moisture in the package.

Store the vehicles in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bins. Those plastic bins will trap any moisture that remains and can cause corrosion. Gather some silica gel packets and place one or two of them in smaller boxes and a few in larger boxes. You can usually get these little packets for free by visiting your local shoe stores and department stores and inquiring in the shoe department.

Store the Vehicles

Make sure to choose a storage unit that offers climate-controlled units. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences high temperatures and/or humidity levels through the summer. Heat and moisture will damage the vehicles and greatly decrease the value.

Don't store the boxes directly on the concrete floor. Instead, use a wooden pallet or shelving units to store the boxes on. Placing cardboard boxes in concrete can allow for moisture to wick out of the concrete and become absorbed into the cardboard exposing your collection to damage.

Take your time and prepare, pack, and store your collection to protect the value for several years until you are ready to let them go and cash in.