Packaging And Shipping Wine: Three Box Options To Choose From

Whether your business does direct sales to customers online or it sells exclusive vintages to beverage stores, having the proper boxes for your inventory is essential. The boxes provide protection for your wines while they are in transit, and they help to create a distinct look for your business. Here are a couple of options you can use for your wines to market and distribute them to your customers.

Corrugated Wine Carriers

Corrugated wine carriers typically carry more than one bottle of wine and include a handle at the top for easy transport. They can be used inside of moving boxes to ship bottles to customers, along with packing peanuts or tissue paper. The boxes are multifunctional, as they can also be used as gift boxes when presenting wines to a host at a dinner party or a happy couple at a wedding. You can have these boxes custom-printed with your company's name and logo for additional advertisement.

Corrugated Wine Bottle Boxes

Corrugated wine bottle boxes with dividers make it easy to move many bottles of wine at the same time. The thick cardboard partitions prevent the bottles from touching each other in transit, and they provide cushion for each bottle. You can add packing peanuts to the compartments for additional cushion, or you can simply ship the bottles in the box on their own. These handy moving boxes are also helpful when storing inventory.

Luxury Gift Boxes

Luxury gift boxes for wine are usually made from thick cardboard and feature colorful, glossy finishes. They can have silk-like fabric interiors, which serve to protect the bottles and add to the elegant presentation. These boxes are ideal for use on special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. If you sell your wines online and have an option to send bottles as a gift, consider using these boxes as the gift packaging. They can be placed inside larger boxes for shipping. In stores, you can use these boxes to display your best bottles or your latest arrivals to create a fun look.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to packaging your wines. Whether you need corrugated cardboard wine bottle boxes for moving and storing your inventory or you want a way to send vintage bottles as gifts to customers, there is sure to be a box solution to meet your needs. Consider your options, and don't forget to have your boxes printed with your company name and logo to help brand your company and build your reputation as a distinguished wine seller.