Reasons To Buy A Shotgun For Home Defense

If you're looking to buy a firearm in the event that you need to defend yourself and your family from a home invasion, you face a number of choices. It's generally a good idea to visit a reputable gun dealer to talk about your needs; the dealer can get a sense of exactly what you want the gun for and suggest some models for you. You'll often face the decision of a handgun or a shotgun, and while the former certainly has its advantages in terms of offering protection, you can't go wrong with buying a shotgun. Here are some reasons to buy this type of firearm for the defense of your home.

It Carries A Significant Intimidation Factor

While it's true that all guns can be deadly, a small-caliber handgun may lack the intimidation factor needed to protect your family. You won't face this problem with a shotgun. The mere sight of a shotgun can be highly intimidating, and the sound of pumping the weapon may be enough to stop a home intruder in his or her tracks. People know that a fair degree of training is necessary to be accurate with a handgun, but that a shotgun in the hands of even someone who is untrained can be highly lethal.

It Can Be Tailored For Home Defense

Don't think of a shotgun as too bulky to be an effective weapon for home defense. While a hunting-style shotgun has a long barrel and a large stock, you can customize — or specifically buy — a shotgun with compact features. Shotguns made for those who wish to defend their homes will have shorter barrels and may offer a pistol grip and a collapsing stock. These changes make the weapon highly compact, allowing you to maneuver it effectively even in confined spaces inside your home.

You Can Use Attachments To Increase Its Deadliness

You may hope that you never have to pull the trigger, but if you're forced to produce your shotgun to defend your home, you want to know that it's lethal. A shotgun is highly customizable, giving you the ability to add multiple attachments that will make it even more accurate and deadly. For example, you can add a flashlight attachment beneath the barrel; this means that even in the dark, you'll be able to clearly identify your target. Additionally, you can add an attachment that holds extra shells on the side of the gun so that you can reload quickly, if needed.

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