Four Tech Features To Look For In A Commercial Property Management Company

If you're in a fairly large city, it's likely that there are dozens of commercial property management companies available to choose from. Comparing these businesses can be a challenge. One area in which many companies are able to distinguish themselves is technology. Modern management companies have a variety of tech features that can make managing your property easier. 

1. A Tenant and Owner Web Portal

Web portals are one of the easiest ways tenants can get information about their property. Through a portal, they'll be able to see their open maintenance requests, pay their rent, and check in on any building-wide events that may be coming up. Web portals can track community calendars, scheduled repairs, utility shut-offs, and other vital information, all without requiring administrative assistance.

2. Repair and Maintenance Ticketing Systems

Ticketing systems make it easier to track repair and maintenance issues. On the tenant side, tenants are able to see what the status of their request is and when it's going to be addressed. On the maintenance side, maintenance personnel are able to quickly check their requests and prioritize them. Owners will also be able to check in on these issues to make sure that they have been addressed in a satisfactory manner -- and they'll have a history to reference later on.

3. Automated Billing Services

Though property management encompasses many things, collecting rent is likely the most important aspect. Automated billing services are able to draft tenant payments directly from their accounts so that the company doesn't have to wait on checks or chase down each tenant individually. The more automated a property management company is, the more smoothly operations will run. 

4. Advanced Reporting Systems

Modern property management companies don't just track revenue. They can also track more complex things, such as building efficiency, maintenance costs, and future expense projections. Big data and advanced reporting technology can be used to give you a broad-spectrum overview of how your commercial property is performing and what it needs to perform better. Look for a company that can not only provide advanced reports but also offer recommendations regarding retro-fitting your building, improving utility usage, and increasing energy efficiency.

Companies that are able to appropriately leverage technology are also often able to reduce their own overhead. Through this, they can both provide better services to your tenants while also saving you money. Though tech features aren't everything you should look at, they're can most definitely make a difference. To learn more about commercial property management, contact a company like Green Efficient.