Make Sure Your New Janitor Service Can Accommodate You In These Ways

When you're looking to hire a new janitor service for your business, it's worthwhile to consult several services until you can find exactly the right one for your needs. While asking about each service's approach to cleaning is important, you'll typically find that most of the answers are the same. For example, you'll get a list of what things will be cleaned in your workplace, and this will include the floors, the windows, bathrooms, kitchen, and other such areas. Where you can differentiate between cleaning services, and hopefully find the right one for you, is by finding how which service can offer the following cleaning types.

Overnight Cleaning

Some businesses need to be cleaned daily, but having cleaning crews going around during business hours may risk being disruptive. If you're looking for daily cleaning but don't want the cleaning crew present when your employees and customers are there, look for a cleaning service that can offer overnight cleaning. Many services can offer this approach to cleaning. When you leave at the end of the workday, your location may be messy. However, when you and your employees arrive in the morning, everything will be spotless and ready for another day of business.

Day Porter Service

In the world of professional cleaning, the term day porter describes someone who remains on the scene throughout the day to tend to various cleaning tasks as they arise. This is a handy service for many types of businesses, especially if your location gets messy in different ways throughout the day and you can't wait until overnight for some issues to be addressed. A day porter can keep the floors clean during the winter months when people track snow and sand into your location, for example, as well as clean your bathrooms regularly if they get constant traffic throughout the day.

As-Needed Service

Occasionally, you may have pressing cleaning needs that can't wait. For example, if someone has injured himself or herself at your business and left a mess, you can't keep the business open — but you don't want to close for the entire day. In this scenario, a cleaning service that can send an emergency crew to your location to take care of the issue promptly so that you can get back to business is integral. Once you've identified your specific cleaning needs and found a service that will address each of them, you'll be able to move forward with hiring the service.