Provide Each Customer Of Your Dress Shop With A Personalized Shopping Experience

If you recently opened a small, independent dress shop and make customized garments for your clients, ensuring that each customer is thoroughly satisfied with their purchases will improve the chances that people will return to your business to buy more merchandise. Try the ideas below to supply each client with a personalized shopping experience.

Consult With People And Use Shipping Tubes To Mail Designs

Make several different dress styles and hang the dresses in your shop so that people are given some insight concerning your sewing abilities and can use the examples when choosing how they would like their own garments constructed. Make an appointment to meet with each person who is interested in purchasing a customized dress.

During a consultation inquire about the style, length, and type of fabric that a client desires. Draw up plans based on the information you received. Purchase cardboard shipping tubes to mail designs and fabric samples to prospective clients.

Include a blank form in each tube so that recipients can write down additional information pertaining to their personal designs if desired. Also include shipping labels so that recipients can mail the shipping tubes back to you after they have looked over information that you sent them. Shipping tubes will protect designs and fabric samples and can be reused as often as needed. 

Take Measurements And Add Custom Embellishments If Desired

After receiving approval to a design, set up a time for a respective customer to come into your dress shop so that you can take their measurements. Accurate measurements will allow finished creations to fit perfectly.

During each meeting, allow a client to choose custom embellishments if they do not want to have standard buttons or zippers sewn on their dress. Offer a variety of embellishments for each person to choose from. 

Offer To Alter Garments Or Exchange Them

Upon completing a garment, call the customer who ordered it and let them know that they will need to come into your dress shop to try on their dress to make sure that it fits properly. Place standing mirrors along a couple of the walls in your shop so that each person can determine if they like how a dress looks while being worn.

If a client is not happy with how their dress looks on them, agree to make alterations or allow an exchange to be made. Charge a client and accept a payment for a dress after a client is thoroughly satisfied with their garment.