4 Things To Know About Chroma Key Flooring

Chroma key flooring is a special type of flooring that is used for shooting movies, television shows, and commercials. It essentially creates a green screen, allowing you to change the flooring in the scenes that you are shooting. It can also be hung up and used to create a green screen back-drop for whatever you are filming.

The Flooring Is Lightweight

In most situations, chroma flooring is put down for a temporary shoot. It is not put down as a permanent flooring, such as one may put down carpet or vinyl in an office or kitchen. This type of flooring is put down to cover up the floor for a specific type of situation. As such, the flooring is lightweight and easy to move around. This makes it easier to install and set up in temporary situations.

The Flooring Is Easy to Install

The flooring is easy to install. Chroma flooring is coiled in rolls, making it easy to move it around. The length of each roll is determined by what you order. Most rolls start at ten feet and go up by a foot after that.

For the easiest installation, you should measure the room where the flooring will be put down and use those measurements to order the flooring. You want to be able to roll out the flooring quickly and easily. However, it is easy to cut the flooring if it ends up being too long.

The Flooring Can Be Installed Temporarily or Semi-Permanently

How you install the flooring depends on what you are using it for. If you just need to put the flooring down to shoot a scene that will last for a day, you are going to want to install temporary flooring. When used for a temporary floor, you can purchase chroma flooring that doesn't have an adhesive on the back. You can use tape to hold the flooring in place if necessary.

If you are installing the flooring in a semi-permanent situation like for a movie or television show that will take months to film, you can purchase flooring that has an adhesive on the back. The adhesive will stick to the ground or to other flooring and will help ensure the chroma flooring doesn't move around.

The Flooring Is Durable

When you put down flooring that people are going to be walking over, you want the flooring to be durable. Chroma flooring is made so that it can withstand having lots of people walk all over it but still show up right in the film.

The Flooring Is Multi-Use

Chroma flooring doesn't only have to be used for floors. It can also be used as a backdrop. It is easy to hang up due to its lightweight nature. You can hang it up with tape because it is not that heavy.

Chroma flooring is a lightweight green screen solution that can be used for flooring or for a backdrop. It is durable, easy to use, and multipurpose. Contact a seller near you to order chroma flooring for your project.