Born Under A Bad Star: Is Your Life Cursed? And Other Astrological Questions Answered

An astrologist will wave a hand in someone's direction and say, "Oh, do not mind him/her. He/she was born under a bad star." What, exactly does that mean? Does it mean that that person is ill-tempered or just has bad luck? If you are really "born under a bad star," can you "change your stars"? The only way to tell for sure is to conduct an astrological chart analysis consultation. Astrologists do these consultations on a regular basis, but they need some important details from you in order to chart your destiny (according to the stars). If you are wondering if you are cursed, or other questions related to astrology, here is how those questions may be answered by the astrologist. 

Your Exact Date and Time of Birth

During your initial consultation, which does not include a full analysis of your custom star chart, the astrologist needs your exact date and time of birth. It can make a huge difference in your chart analysis if you are off on the time by an hour, a day, or even the year. It is not enough to provide the day of the week and the date. You need to know if you were born at 10:52 a.m. on Sunday of such-and-such date or 7:03 p.m. on this-or-that date. The alignment of the stars and the positions of the constellations vary minute to minute and hour to hour, which is why your astrologer cannot tell you anything without the exact time and date of your birth. 

The Creation of Your Personal Star Chart

If you wish to proceed after the initial consultation, the astrologer will spend several days creating your personal star chart for you based on the information you provided. Then he/she reads the chart to analyze it for problem areas. An example would be a chart for a person who is a Sagittarius with an opposing sign rising in the numerical house of "x". What it says for this person under these astrological conditions dictates all other courses of action and paths one can take to avoid a cursed life and/or receive a blessed life. 

The Full Analysis

The full analysis of your personal star chart reveals if you will struggle all your life, have times where things and decisions will go well for you, and times of success in love and money. There may be other questions you can ask the astrologer if there are other things you want to know. However, not everything is "written in the stars," so it is important for you to know and understand that your destiny is not always predetermined, and that luck may have nothing to do with how your life turns out. 

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