Histology Equipment Repair Service

Knowing what is going on internally with patients is not always easy to diagnose with in office equipment. Detailed medical histories and symptoms recorded in the office may give further insight but is not enough for establishing which treatment to give to the patient. Timely tissue processing is essential for pathology laboratories who are serving the community. Depending on the type of specialty testing needed, the samples sent for testing could be from another country.

The medical providers who are requesting specific tests are depending on the histology equipment to be in running. Timelines given for results often have an immediate impact on patient care and treatment options for cancer or other life-changing diagnoses. Preserving tissue samples for additional study after a biopsy or surgery is necessary for hospitals and general practitioners providing answers for patients. Here are a few ways to work with a histology equipment repair service. 

The histology equipment may be currently working without any additional attention. When equipment fails or is inconsistent, quickly reach out to a histology equipment repair service professional. Electrical or mechanical issues with internal parts are not easy to fix without the proper tools. Quick fixes by untrained professionals often result in inconsistencies in lab results. Planning preventative maintenance with histology equipment repair service is one way to extend the life of the equipment.

There are often options to be placed on a set schedule for equipment maintenance. Depending on the type of equipment and level of use monthly, twice a year, or annual maintenance is necessary. Reach out to histology equipment repair service to set up a maintenance schedule. Having regular maintenance ensures there are records that support efforts that have been made to keep the lab in working condition. 

Establishing a relationship with histology equipment repair service is a great way to have peace of mind when equipment fails and immediate emergency service is needed. After hours histology repair service is available on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Reach out for help fixing slide printers, microscopes, hygrometers, microtomes, slide stainers, cassette printers, incubators, or any other essential piece of equipment. 

Adding an additional level of care for histology equipment will ensure that it lasts longer. Medical groups will not stay in contract with labs that have multiple delays for test results. Acting before problems occur is essential for timely results. Use these tips when keeping equipment well maintained with a histology equipment repair service