4 Benefits Of Professional Annual Commercial Washing Machine Cleaning

For every commercial laundry facility, an annual cleaning of the washing machines is a service standard that should not be ignored. With thousands of loads washed each year, the level of wear and tear on these machines can be extensive. An annual cleaning is an excellent way to keep your systems in better condition, which will ultimately help your business earn more revenue for a longer time.

1. Cleaning Efficiency

A machine that is not cleaned correctly will not clean garments as efficiently as a unit that is. Sediment and debris buildup along the water inlet valve with regular use. Eventually, the buildup creates a blockage that prevents an adequate amount of water from running inside the machine. Without proper water flow, the machine will not clean garments efficiently. As a result, the clothes may have to go through an additional wash cycle to get cleaned properly.

2. Foul Odor

Most of the soap and fabric softener flow into the machine. However, there are trace amounts of these mixtures that get caught in the dispenser and inlet tube. The result of this buildup is a gunky glob of soap. Although the soap has an initial fresh scent, over time, the buildup begins to develop a foul odor; an odor that eventually passes on to the clothing. Over time, your customers might begin to complain that their clothes have a bad smell when they retrieve them from the machine. An annual cleaning helps remove this buildup to prevent odor.

3. Appearance 

Even though the clothes that your customers place inside the machine are dirty, it is highly likely that they still do not want to use a dirty machine. If your laundry facility has a reputation for unclean machines, you could lose business. Professional cleaning services involve a thorough cleaning of the inside of the machine, as well as the outside. As a result, your machines will look better with this service. 

4. Water Leaks

A professional annual cleaning can reduce the risk of a costly water leak. In addition to eliminating proper water flow, the sediment buildup on the inlet valve is also highly corrosive. When left untreated, the sediment can start to eat through the valve. Once this happens, the valve forms a leak. All leaks lead to water waste which then leads to increased usage costs. It is important to have the valve cleaned before the sediment causes this form of damage.

If you have not had your washing machine cleaned, contact a commercial laundry machine service professional for assistance.