Things to Remember When Renting Portable Toilets for a Work Site

Work projects that are in a remote place often warrant portable toilets. Crew members then won't have to drive far to use the restroom and freshen up throughout the workday. Carrying out this rental for a temporary work project can go according to plan if you keep these things in mind.

1. Toilet Quantity

When renting portable toilets, you want there to be enough on-site so everyone can use the restroom in a convenient manner. None of your employees should be forced to wait too long and be uncomfortable. Look at the scope of your work project, including how many professionals are involved. Taking a general headcount can give you a better estimate of the ideal portable restroom quantity. If you end up getting more than what's needed, you can always send a couple of units back and avoid wasting money.

2. Toilet Quality

Going to the restroom in a remote place at work probably won't be the most relaxing experience, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't accommodate your workers as best you can. It's important that you look for portable toilets that are high-quality and have the right amenities inside. For instance, toilets with clear tops are ideal during the day. Workers won't be confined to a dark space. Rather, there will be ample light that helps them see what they're doing. Toilets with air vents are also nice in that they keep smells from affecting workers, as well as keep these tight spaces less hot throughout the day. 

3. Toilet Provider

You want a smooth rental experience, especially if this is your first time renting these special toilets. You can get through it without any issues by finding a portable toilet rental provider that's experienced, trusted, and easy to work with. These attributes will help you find the right portable toilets in no time and have no problems getting them shipped out to the right location.

Additionally, make sure the toilet provider lets you insure these toilets while they're on your site. Then if they get damaged or suffer complications, the insurance will save you significant repair costs.

Remote work sites present a difficult problem in terms of using the bathroom, but not so much when you rent out portable toilets. Pay attention to the number, quality, and provider you work with so you can have a stress-free rental experience. Learn more by contacting portable toilet companies today.