Use Custom Tubes In Place Of Standard Shipping Materials

Custom shipping tubes that contain your company's logo and a series of features that will secure your line of products will aid in providing uniform packaging steps and a reduction in waste within your shipping facility. Choose an independent tube style for a specific item or various tubes that can be used for all of the manufactured goods that you are promoting.

A Streamlined Storage Setup

Large cartons, packing peanuts, and rolls of tape contribute to your expenses, and these items may be very wasteful when it comes down to how much packaging you truly need to secure items that are being shipped. Envision a tube that possesses a smooth surface and that contains an interlocking interior chamber that will stabilize a product while it is en route to a customer.

This type of shipping product will eliminate the need for all of the excess cardboard and packing materials that you have been relying upon, and each person on the receiving end will not need to deal with excess materials and may appreciate having a tube at their disposal that can be utilized for their own shipping needs. With the reduction of shipping materials within your facility, you can set up a rack that can be used to store a series of custom tubes.

Custom Features

Choose the color of a tube, its dimensions, and what printed materials will be added to it. Think about the message that you want to convey to your target audience. Do you want them to know that your products contain renewable materials or that each customer's satisfaction is guaranteed?

Choosing a printed message that will make each package stand out can appeal to the people who order products from your company, but you may also want to include the name of your business or a symbol that is representative of your company as part of each tube's design. A round tube will be suitable for canned or jarred items and will allow your shipping employees to stack products neatly on top of one another.

Round tubes will securely contain posters, photos, or any merchandise that is thin and long in length. If you like the custom tube concept but want your packaging materials to look unique, choose a triangular or a square-shaped tube. To aid in choosing a tube length, width, and shape, measure products that you plan on using this type of packaging for and consult with a design team who can help you choose custom features that will make the tube design stand out.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers custom mailing tubes.