Tub Reglazing Prep And Application Steps

Reglazing a tub is typically performed when chipped surfaces or rust have affected the aesthetical properties of a bathtub. A reglazing compound will conceal imperfections and provide a tub with a smooth surface. Analyze your tub's current condition and choose a reglazing procedure and complementary additions that will restore the beauty of the area where you bathe and shower.

An Assessment And Prep Steps

Surface rust and minor dents can be removed with a bleach and water mixture and an abrasive cloth. Any major imperfections, such as severe cracks or dents, will require a patching compound application. Once the patch has cured, the tub should be cleaned thoroughly. Lightly sanding the tub's surface will eliminate rough spots.

A dry tack cloth can be used to remove sanding residue. Hardware and the lower level of tiles that surround the tub should be covered during the reglazing process. Plastic sheeting and strips of tape can be used to protect surfaces that are prone to staining.

A Reglazing Agent And The Application Process

An epoxy, urethane, polyurethane, or polymer agent can be used to reglaze a tub. Cast-iron, steel, and fiberglass tubs are suitable candidates for a reglazing application. Many homeowners choose to have a tub resurfaced if they own a classic tub that contains unique features or a modern tub that was initially a large investment.

Tubs that are worn out or that will cost a lot to repair should be replaced, since reglazing will only temporarily reinstate the aesthetical appeal of a tub. Weakened surfaces that are recoated will eventually become more compromised, posing a safety hazard.

The application process will involve either a brush or spray process. A reglazing technician will likely use a more refined approach than what is outlined with the application of a commercial product that is sold at a home improvement center. A tub can be reglazed with a product that is the same color as the original shade of the tub, or a hue that is slightly or vastly different.

Some Alternate Upgrades

A freshly reglazed tub will look best when surrounded by clean, undamaged materials. The faucets, the spout, and the tiles that are in your bathroom can be cleaned with the aid of a scouring agent. If any of the materials are damaged or dated, choose a new tile and hardware style that coincides with the color of the glazing agent that was used to refinish the tub's surface.

For more information about bathtub reglazing, contact a local professional.