3 Easy DIY Gun Upgrades You Should Consider

The great thing about making upgrades to your firearms is that not only can these upgrades improve the way your gun looks and feels, but oftentimes they can also improve the way your gun functions. Best of all, many of the most common upgrades can be made on a do-it-yourself basis without the need for any real gunsmith skills or technical know-how. Many of these upgrades can also be completed using just basic household tools and can be completed in just a matter of minutes. Continue reading to learn more about three of these gun DIY upgrades that you may wish to consider.

Switching Grips

Changing the grip on most handguns is incredibly easy. In order to complete this task, the only tools you should require are typically a screwdriver or a hex wrench to remove the original grip and fasten the new grip in place. 

With this particular do-it-yourself upgrade, there is virtually no limit on the different looks you can achieve. This is because aftermarket grips are available in so many different materials, colors, finishes, and patterns. Not only does this allow you to truly customize the way your gun looks, but it also allows you to choose a grip material that works best for your shooting style. 

Swapping Barrels

Another easy-to-complete upgrade is swapping out the barrel on your gun. If you know how to break your weapon down in order to clean and lubricate it, you have the skills necessary to complete this do-it-yourself gun upgrade. If you do not yet know how to complete this task, obtaining this skill really should be near the top of your priority list as a safe gun owner.

Choosing to swap out the barrel on your gun can accomplish a wide variety of goals depending upon which aftermarket barrel you choose to use. For instance, certain barrels can improve accuracy, while others can allow for longer distance shooting. 

Upgrade Your Sights

While learning to shoot with standard iron sites is a good idea for all new users as a means of improving accuracy, upgrading your sites once you have acquired this skill can be a good idea. This is especially true if you wish to maintain accuracy over a long distance or plan to be shooting at moving targets. 

When selecting an aftermarket site for your firearm, be sure to take into consideration what type of rail system your firearm offers, as well as what you hope to accomplish with the site. Also, remember that while attaching the new site to your gun is a task that can be completed in minutes, the process of accurately adjusting your new site can take some time and several practice rounds to complete so be sure to make some time to head to the range or your favorite shooting spot once you have acquired and installed your new site.