This Spring Is a Good Time to Consider Farm Insurance for Your Growing Hobby

If you have a hobby farm, perhaps you've enjoyed watching it grow year after year and maybe you're now planting many more potential crops every year than you did when you first got started. As your hobby farm grows, as does the need to protect your growing investment. As spring arrives and you start thinking about what you want to grow this year, one other consideration to look into might be getting farm insurance for your hobby farm for the first time. Here's why even a hobby farmer might want to get some amount of protection and peace of mind from a farm insurance policy. 

Your Hobby Might Be More Like a Side Hustle, and an Insurance Policy Can Protect That Income

Perhaps you started a small farm because it's your passion, but you've had some success and your family looks forward to the extra money that your small farm brings in during each year's harvest. A farm insurance policy can include the option to pay out to you if you are unable to harvest any crops this year because of an incident that was out of your control. Yes, you'll be paying an insurance premium for this benefit, but it will be nice to have that peace of mind regardless of what happens and know that your side hustle money is now secured one way or another each year.

If Equipment Is Damaged or Crops Are Ruined, You Don't Want to Wait Until Next Year to Try Again

If something goes wrong through no fault of your own and your hobby farm can't produce its usual harvest, you might decide to just throw in the towel and wait until the following spring or summer to try again. If you have an insurance policy in place, you might be able to get your equipment repaired or otherwise address the issue with your land or crops so that you can salvage this year's harvest instead of just giving up and waiting until next year.

You Might Need to Protect Yourself from Liability If Your Small Farm is Now Big Enough to Hire Help

Is your "small farm" not so small anymore? If your hobby has grown, perhaps you are even looking into hiring one or two workers on a part-time basis to help you maintain the land or to reap the harvest. But if you will be employing someone on your property, you will want to protect yourself in the event that some kind of accident occurs. A farm insurance policy can include liability coverage in the event someone is injured while working on your farm.