Melanie Porter

Choosing The Right Circuit Breaker

Having access to a steady stream of electricity is important for most homeowners. In order to protect your delicate electrical appliances from sustaining damage as a result of an electrical surge, you need to have circuit breakers in place. These circuit breakers are designed to interrupt the flow of electricity when they sense a surge or short. Installing the right kind of circuit breaker is critical when it comes to protecting your home. Read More 

Convert A Shed Into A Laundry Room For Your Tenants

If you plan to rent out several cottages on your property and would like to provide your future tenants with a laundry facility to wash their clothing, convert your shed into a laundry room by completing the steps below. As a result, your tenants will be provided with a convenient way to wash their clothes and you will be able to earn some additional money, which will assist with handling costs associated with maintaining the cottages and the land they sit on. Read More 

Awesome Popsicles To Make This Summer

If you have kids, there is a good chance that you are going to want to have a bunch of easy, cooling snacks on hand this summer in order to reduce your workload. Here are some fun popsicles that you and your kids can make this summer. 1. Smoothie Popsicles One option is to take your kids' favorite smoothies and pour them into a popsicle mold. These molds can be purchased at a store that specializes in frozen dessert supplies, as well as the sticks that you need to make sure that they are truly portable. Read More 

How To Select The Right Fuel Delivery Services Company

If the home you just purchased is heated using propane gas, you'll need to find the right fuel delivery services company to work with. There are a few factors to consider before signing on the dotted line. It is important to take a little bit of time to gather all of the necessary information.  What Are Their Prices? Your main starting point should be to inquire about prices. Just like gas stations 3 miles apart from each other can have different prices, so can all of the propane dealers in your neighborhood. Read More 

Make Sure Your New Janitor Service Can Accommodate You In These Ways

When you're looking to hire a new janitor service for your business, it's worthwhile to consult several services until you can find exactly the right one for your needs. While asking about each service's approach to cleaning is important, you'll typically find that most of the answers are the same. For example, you'll get a list of what things will be cleaned in your workplace, and this will include the floors, the windows, bathrooms, kitchen, and other such areas. Read More