Melanie Porter

4 Things To Know About Chroma Key Flooring

Chroma key flooring is a special type of flooring that is used for shooting movies, television shows, and commercials. It essentially creates a green screen, allowing you to change the flooring in the scenes that you are shooting. It can also be hung up and used to create a green screen back-drop for whatever you are filming. The Flooring Is Lightweight In most situations, chroma flooring is put down for a temporary shoot. Read More 

Why You May Want To Use Portable Offices For Your Work Sites

If you are running a company that works construction, you might want to think about buying some of the portable site cabins for sale and using those at each work location. To help you understand why this would be such a good idea, you will want to review the following benefits. This way, you will be able to start making good use of the portable offices for your company. You Can Keep An Eye On Things Better Read More 

3 Good Reasons To Invest Your Money Into A Heavy-Duty Toolbox For Mechanics

Are you a mechanic who regularly works on different types of vehicles? Because you may need to handle all kinds of repairs for your clients, you will likely need to use a huge selection of different tools to help you complete each job with ease. A simple solution to keeping your tools organized is to purchase and use one of the heavy-duty mechanic tool boxes. These types of tool boxes make it easier for mechanics to stay organized while easily accessing the items they need. Read More 

Are You A Handyman Looking To Improve Your Services And Expand Your Business? Get Spray Foam Equipment

If you do repair work on homes and you are looking to insulate areas that you have been working on, or protect the internal electrical or plumbing components that you are installing, there are some things to consider. You want to be sure that you do what you can to protect the areas that you are working on, and that you are improving the space at the same time. Spray foam insulation is a great option to use. Read More 

Reclaiming The Life You Feel You Lost And Are Still Owed: Steps To Take

Sometimes life goes sideways and diverges in directions you did not intend. When that happens, you may eventually feel that your life must be reclaimed. Maybe you even feel lost in the middle of your life, or that you are still owed the life you dreamed of and expected. However you feel, you can get the life you have always wanted, starting now, by following the advice below. Find and Hire a Life Coach Read More