Melanie Porter

Can (Or Should) You Use Reclaimed Lumber to Construct Your New Deck?

With the price of lumber continuing to rise since the Great Recession, those planning to construct a backyard deck before summer arrives in full force may be looking for some money-saving methods—including the use of recycled or reclaimed lumber in place of freshly-cut lumber. If you have access to a large quantity of old barn wood (or even a disassembled pool deck), you may be able to build a deck for only the cost of screws and other finishing touches. Read More 

4 Tips For Moving Exercise Equipment

Your home exercise equipment is a financial investment that must be protected while moving. Due to the number of moving parts on your equipment, it can be easy to accidentally damage it. To help ensure your equipment is safely moved, here are some tips for packing and moving it.  Review the Disassembly Instructions Exercise equipment, such as your treadmill, will fare better on the move if taken apart first. Ideally, you kept the instruction manuals that accompanied your equipment when you purchased it. Read More 

Packaging And Shipping Wine: Three Box Options To Choose From

Whether your business does direct sales to customers online or it sells exclusive vintages to beverage stores, having the proper boxes for your inventory is essential. The boxes provide protection for your wines while they are in transit, and they help to create a distinct look for your business. Here are a couple of options you can use for your wines to market and distribute them to your customers. Corrugated Wine Carriers Read More 

Storing Die Cast Cars While The Value Increases

Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and other die cast cars are highly collectible. Over the years, some of these little vehicles can increase in value and become highly sought after. If you have a collection that you don't have the space for in your home, you can lease a small storage unit, pack up those goodies and store them while their value rises. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you store them safely and avoid any risk of corrosion and damage. Read More 

Running a Mechanic Shop out of Your Garage? How Can You Maintain Your Plumbing?

If you're a mechanic by trade, you may find you can easily spend as much time repairing friends' and neighbors' vehicles after hours as you spend working on customers' vehicles during the day. After your positive reputation spreads throughout the community and you begin picking up more and more referrals, you may at some point tire of working on a boss's schedule and want to strike out on your own, working on vehicles from the convenience of your own garage. Read More